Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Put Me On Your Wii

I've been putting it off for far too long. I'm starting Wii game development tonight, and will hopefully finish a quick experimental text adventure game similar to my first (and probably last, considering that the system is now obsolete) GBA game, Toast: The Great Adventure. You can download the game here (right-click and save as, then either run in a GBA emulator or put it on one o' them special cards and play it in a real GBA). I didn't actually put my name in there (at least, not anywhere that you can see without pressing a secret button sequence), so don't putting it up anywhere without permission or claiming it's your own, 'K?

So, here's what I intend to do in terms of Wii development:

-Tonight, I will start work on a similar, very short text adventure game for the Wii. No graphics; just text and probably a few sounds.
-Once I have done that and am more settled into Wii programming, I will start work on a visual novel-type game which I hope to get published as an official WiiWare title once it's finished.
-As I am not a licensed Wii developer/publisher and am making this game using public domain development libraries and software, I will have to get a licensed company to publish it for me. My first choice publisher is O3 Entertainment, a company which specializes in publishing games made by independent developers. The company is probably best known to people in the Newgrounds community for publishing the Alien Hominid game for the Gamecube and those other consoles that I didn't buy it for.
-If it does indeed get published, hooray! I've gotten a game officially published on the Wii, and I shall go on to make other games from there. If it doesn't get published, I'll just release it as homebrew.

What will this game be like? As I said, it'll be a visual novel. I don't believe any visual novels have been released for WiiWare outside of Japan (probably because companies consider it too risky to make something for such a niche market?), so I'll have a chance to be the first. I'm choosing to make a visual novel because they're rather simple to make, and I can easily emphasize the storytelling. It will use 2D graphics, music probably made by me and/or Ramon Osborn, voiceovers, fully animated cutscenes, and probably several Phoenix Wright-style courtroom-type trials, because those are so awesome and fun. Oh yes, I can't believe I forgot to mention: it's going to be an Enthalpy game. Its working title (and probably final title) is Enthalpy: Detectiventure.

How long will it be? Since it's WiiWare and thus I can sell it pretty cheaply, I don't have to make it very long. After I beat the WiiWare game Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Episode One: Homestar Ruiner in a bit over thre hours, I decided to see how long it would take to play it after I already knew how to solve all the puzzles. Replaying it, it took a bit under forty-five minutes to beat. Therefore, I figure my game should take at least forty minutes to beat, and I'd like to add multiple story routes to make sure there's a bunchload of replay value.

I may end up just quitting halfway through developing the game, considering how hard it was to motivate myself to finish making Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2... but then again, this is something that I hope to actually publish and sell and make money off of. I made $700 off NWA2 through's sponsorship, but didn't expect to when I was making it.


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