Friday, May 13, 2005

After Effects

After effects finished downloading before I got up this morning, and I can definitely say it's WAY more versatile than Flash. Especially because I can import what I've done from it into a Flash movie, and vice versa (though I wish I could get something that worked better than Camtasia Studio for a reasonable price.) My only problem is that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I'm learning bit by bit, and I finally finished a 10-second movie. You can view it at this link, which is pretty small considering how high-quality it is.) After I learn how to use it, for DVDs I may completely switch to just After Effects and particleIllusion, leaving Flash for web-based toons.

One more thing: I said I would introduce my characters, so I'll start off with Nicholas, as he was first. Or maybe I'm a little biased as he was created in my likeness. XD

NOTE: I am having trouble getting the picture up here. I'll edit this post later with his image.
This is one of the three main protagonists, Nicholas. Despite what most people who have read my comic books think, he IS NOT ME, as I made clear in Survivor: Folletto Island. He is a character BASED on my qualities who lives in a universe parallel to ours, which also has several other people who live in our universe or based on people who live here, including my sisters, my parents, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Probst, Howard Stern, and Nicole Kidman's evil clone.


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Hello, I would recommend "Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Volume 1: The Essentials" by Chris & Trish Meyer. A few editions exist; pick the recent one
for version 6.5. This will help you get started.

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