Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Pooper-Dee-Duper

I'm trying to remember, for historical archival reasons, everything about why I got into Youtube Poop, and my thoughts and actions that surrounded my (de/a)scent into poopery.

If I remember correctly, I saw the first YTP I had ever seen while searching on YouTube for "giant enemy crab". I found Sony's E3 PS3stravaganza video hilarious, especially the "giant enemy crab" part, and wanted to see more.

I had seen still shots and a couple of animated GIFs from the CD-i Zelda games, so I knew what I was looking at when I saw this, even though I hadn't seen the cutscenes in their entirety. So, anyone who was wondering what the first Youtube Poop I ever saw was "Zelda CD-i: The Evil Forces of Giant Enemy Crab".

Watching that video piqued my curiosity, and from there I watched the original cutscenes for the CD-i Zelda games and Hotel Mario. The cutscenes themselves were the epitome of hilarity to me at the time, as their animation was so... um... I don't think I could describe it if I needed to (which, thankfully, I don't).

I started watching other YTPs from there. Among the first I saw was one of Nickshorts' David and the Magic Pearl poops. I may have actually even seen that one before the one I mentioned earlier, but I doubt it.

The poops that inspired me the most were those of Calculate900 and the magnificent "Link + Dinner = Disaster" duology. I knew I wanted to start making these, and I felt that I'd have an advantage in terms of the stuff I'd be able to do, as I had Flash and most poopers just had Windows Movie Maker and MS Paint. I hoped to become a well-known pooper, but certainly didn't expect to become the most subscribed-to pooper ever. I made it a goal to try to become as well-known as possible, but wouldn't have considered it likely that I'd be as popular a pooper as I am now.

I made Link Gets Cancer in one day, and did several things that I'd never do today. For exa--... Meh, I'm sure I'll do a commentary at some point. I'm not going to bother to do that here.


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