Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dreams Should Be Grand

Well, my deviantArt journal is serving me quite nicely, so what is this blog still good for? Pipe dreams, yes. Yes, yes.

Unlike most individuals my age, I haven't had any interest in moving out into a house, apartment, etc. This changed when I found out about Tony Alleyne's Star Trek: Voyager apartment. I am not particularly into Star Trek (I've seen one episode of the original series and two films; that's it), but the place is absolutely aesthetically lovable. If I could afford an apartment and was able to make it look all awesomely futuristic, I'd do so in a heartbeat. I mean, it'd take way more than a heartbeat to move all my belongings, paraphernalia, and crap over to my world of tomorrow, but idioms rarely make sense when analyzed.

Then a few minutes ago I somehow stumbled upon THIS. Hitoshi Takahashi is some strange kind of hero to me; he built a fully functional giant robot beetle called Kabututom RX-03. It has a moderately spacious interior and, unlike that cheapo lifesize Gundam, can actually walk. It took ol' Takahashi-sama eleven years to build the thing, but I say it's time well spent. The YouTube video embedded on the site was removed for copyright infringement, but it or a similar video is still up here:

Watching that video, it hit me: the ideal home isn't a house or an apartment with a futuristic interior. It's a mobile giant robot with a futuristic interior. Some people have mobile homes; why not an awesome mecha version? The obvious answer is that, even if I knew how to make something of that sort, it would cost a porkload of money and apparently take over a decade to finish, but I already established that this is a pipe dream.

So there it is. I'm making it my goal to someday live in a giant robot with a sleek, futuristic interior. Or at least it could be my summer cottage or something.